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someone who is an anime addict, sexual beast, above average penis size, and an outcast amongst popular kidz. usually bi. up late at night filling his desktop with stickynotes. his girlfriend will always deny being the hottest girl in skool (even though everyone knows it). a wolf furry. cant keep a secret, unless its actually not important. cant not hang aroung those who oppose all nerdism. nomatter how many times he catches a tentacruel, he cant use it on misty (pkmn ref.). has the weirdest friends. and computers, and all other electronic devices, Hate him!
friend: hey bairaisu!

Bairaisu: hey.

Friend: ...(awkward silence)...

Bairaisu: is that it then?

Friend: yeah

Bairaisu: good. im busy trying to get my tentacruel to use wrap on misty.
by Bairaisu November 29, 2011
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