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Bailey Hall is the only dorm on the St Paul campus of the U of M, which means you need to take a 15 minute bus ride to get anywhere worth going to. St Paul Campus is full of nothing but farm animals (Beta of Clovia and LDPhi) and also actual farm animals. Part of the population of Bailey Hall consists of kids who actually chose to live there (if you can believe that), who are largely CFANS weirdos who did 4H and rode 4 wheelers to high school. Also found at Bailey are those kids who wear anime hats and Pikachu backpacks in public. The rest of Bailey kids are those who were too lazy to sign up for housing and were put there because it was the only space left. Most of these kids are chill as fuck and can be found chain smoking cigarettes outside the front doors, smoking pot on the lawn or in their dorms, or getting blackout in the dining hall on weekdays to drown out the pain of living in such a remote shit hole. There's like one security officer in the entire St Paul campus and the CAs don't give a shit, so it's practically impossible to not get away with shenanigans. Bailey low key frats harder than any of the other freshman dorms, and the kids who live there form an unbreakable bond because of their collectively shitty living arrangement and the countless intoxicated bus rides to & from Minneapolis that they share.
Freshman 1: Where do you live again?
Freshman 2: Uh... Bailey Hall.
Freshman 1: Where?
Freshman 2: Know what, nevermind. I live off campus okay?
by fuckinfratstar January 04, 2015
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Bailey Hall is basically the best dorm you could possibly live in. Sure, it's in Saint Paul, and you're greeted with a peculiar smell each morning from the livestock on campus, but over here, we just say it's No Big Deal! Most of the students that live in Bailey are CFANS or CDES, but there are the strange kids that for some reason didn't put in their housing soon enough so they were put here. It's no big deal though, we all get along. Sort of. East Wing is way better than North Wing, it's just a fact of life. And everyone wishes they could be on the Ground Floor. Yeah, it's mostly farm kids, but you'll adjust to their abnormal ways.
Douchebag from CSOM-Man, I wish I could live in Bailey Hall.

Farm Kid of CFANS- Ain't no way, ain't no how. Bailey Hall is douchebag free.
by NoBigDealer December 03, 2009
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