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A term most commonly used by men with uniquely high IQ's and rare rhetoric. Defining bahdastanyo can be challenging, given that it has multiple meanings depending on what plane of existence one is in, and even within those planes of existence are sub-genre definitions. Basically many variables have to be factored in when defining Bahdastanyo. The primary and most basic definition of this word can be summarized as such : Life Master ; Living Warrior. A soul that masters all things within a brief period of time. A popular term by Americans for this is "beast mode". Depending on geographic location and cultural conditions specific tribes have defined this as "Earth Viking", "Planetary Nomad".
Dude... Please tell me you witnessed that bahdastanyo enter the room. You could immediately tell he was an expert in all aspects of life!

So I took my first training course today with the Bahdastanyo that lives in my town. I learned chemistry, molecular biology, and how to juggle all within 2 hours! I cant believe how incredible this is!
by SkeepaBoop December 19, 2016
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