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1) A game played with a ping pong ball two paddles and with two people. The objective of the game is to rally the ball for the most amount of times, then challenge another team to beat your rally number. The game is meant to be played on any surface and under any weather/ social conditions, including people walking through a Baharga rally while its continuing. Players and teams usually develop nicknames and trash talk other teams on their baharga skills during a match. A match begins by one person looking to the other and simply saying "Baharga," it is considered rude and annoying to say, "lets play Baharga, or "you down for some Baharga?" Additionally the their are only two appropriate responses either "Baharga," meaning yes lets play, or a silent head not indicating, "I cant right now but later."

2) A loud yell directed at the sky usually in a moment of anger, disappointment, betrayal.

3) A very athletic sexxi ass/ legs

4) Another term for Swagger

5) Used as a way to modify an insult and or in your face comment
"Hey your girlfriend just cheated on you with tim."

-> "BAHARGA!!!!!"

Dam check out shorty's Baharga

You cant turn my Baharga off!

Baharga Mother Fucker!
by ShloffLoff & Shloop September 16, 2010
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