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When a beautiful woman gets so trashed she hooks up with a person she would never touch if she were sober.
Characteristics include that once sober the woman wants to vomit in an effort to purge herself of shame.
"Whoa, she's had too much to see that over there, that's about to be a Bahamian bar slide".

"Man after that tequila last night I totally Bahamian bar sled into that douche bag's bed".

"After Carla broke up with Jeff she went out and got so trashed she Bahamian bar sled all over town"
by LyricalGenius318 May 16, 2013
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Oct 31 Word of the Day
1. acronym for Laugh Out Loud + sob -- an expression for something that makes you lol and cry at the same time.

2. acronym for Laugh Out Loud, Son of a Bitch. An expression of bitter anger over something funny.
That fatal clown car accident made me lolsob-- clown cars are funny but my best friend was driving.
by duenna9 October 12, 2009
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