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A slang word used to describe someone who has the habit of being a general nuisance most of the time.
When driving in traffic and the speed limit is 45 and the person in front of you is driving 20 in the fast lane you just want to say "Take your foot off the brake and hit the gas you fucking baggit"
by James Rumbo January 21, 2004
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when a bunch of fresh smelling white boys get together and chase a negro through the feilds (particularly one smelling of raw fish and dity bacon) for pleasure and selfindulgnces. While doing this it is key to degrade him and make him strongly aware of his intense body odor due to years of not bathing. The goal of the game is to get more negros into a burlap sack than your opponent can. once this is completed you may take them to your local jail or taunt them with koolaid and kfc.
"Yo dog i bagged five more monkeys than you last night"

"i still smell like a gorillas asshole from playing baggit three weeks ago"
by moi February 10, 2005
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