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A term used by Jews to refer to each other. (Like nigger but not for black people).
Stan: Hey bagelhead, you're my bro, Jon!

Eugene: Dude! Let's bagelhead it up!

Jews: Man! We're such Bagelhead(s)!
by NinjaTRex February 08, 2011
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Named after a pretzel brain called Chris Young.Walking around nodding his head thinking he's king shit and the same fella wouldn't know shit from clay.
Chris Young is a Bagel Head or Chris Young has a head like a Bagel.
by Barn basher December 18, 2013
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n - An individual or group of individuals that uses needles and Saline Solution to shape facial, arm, breast or buttock skin into inflated shapes as a new trend in body modification. Some applications use food coloring for a more extreme look. Inflated/Swollen areas can be molded into almost any desired shape, more commonly bagels.

Also known as Inflation.

Recently professional piercing and tattooing studios in Japan have revived this trend, which got its start in the early 1990's. The modification last about 24. Side affects may include headache, infection, skin stretching, and a pressure sensation.
Frank - "Dude, check that dude out! It looks like he has a bagel growing out of his head."

Adam - "I think he is one of those, bagelhead(s)."

Frank - " looks like a Cinnamon Raisin"

Adam - "All I need is some cream cheese, I'm starving."
by DictaKilla July 01, 2009
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