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BagelMeal- A cup of oatmeal with peanut butter honey and protein powder made by someone who used to own a bagel store. BagelMeal has no real meaning and it was originally used a comeback to someone who plays magic cards and couldnt handle the fact that he got called out on it so his comeback was "Bagelmeal"

"you know how tommy used to make bagels...and now..he makes oatmeal..WELL ITS CALL BAGELMEAL"

Bagelmeal can also be used for owning kids, getting drunk or for absolutely no reason.
Greg: Did you tell Tommy about the BagelMeal Chris?

"ah dude I totally sat on that parking cone last night when i was Bagelmealed"

"you guys going out tonight? im in the mood to get fuckin bagelmealed"
by LATAKED April 11, 2013
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