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noun: The hypnotic, speechless state of absolute confusion, into which two or more persons may find themselves in. This is usually upon the mutual realisation that every party involved in a scenario is indeed baffled.

Alternatively, the term is sometimes used when defining or describing one's state of mind. This is easily noticeable as the subject portrays certain, telling facial expressions, for example; the 'jaw drop,' the 'squinted eyes and pressed lips' combination, the 'eyes wide eyebrow raise' or the infamous 'about to speak, doesn't know what to say, ends up looking like a goldfish with their mouth wide open.'
In the usual sense of mutual bafflement:

"Did anyone understand what just happened?"
Silence, a few jaws drop and squinted eyes, nothing unexpected.
"Umm guys…is everyone else in total Baffletility right now,"

Usually followed by a chorus of "Dude.." or "Woah…"

To describe someone's state of mind:

A young lad has just found out that his parents are in fact related, sits quietly, doesn't quite know what to do, mouth slightly open and staring into blank space. No-one should interfere at this point…
"Son, are you in Baffletility right now…"
In this case the silence would be expected to last for 10-12 minutes before utter breakdown ensues.
by Mr.D.Vinci January 15, 2013
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