A Korean bird, called Crow tit in English. There is a common idiom/ saying : "the crow tit will break it's legs trying to walk like a stork". Other translations include try-hard and poser. Basically trying to be something that your not.
BTS refers to themselves as baepsae because they are not part of a big name entertainment company and they are still becoming international idol stars. They are proud to be baepsae.
They call me... Baepsae..
by Etaka April 21, 2018
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a song made by beautiful people aka. BTS in their young forever album (hyyh)
omg have you heard baepsae by bts?! ;; a bop :')
by mochijiminx March 21, 2018
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It means to be called a try-harder by someone who was born with everything.

A baepsae ( Is a Korean bird which has very short legs ) attempts to be like the stork ( Which has very long legs ) ,but only ruins itself while trying to imitate something/someone better.
"Although you're a baepsae," said the teacher, "I genuinely think you can make it."
by Stap-it.xx June 27, 2017
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Baepsae, sometimes also heard as crow-tit or try-hard, is a korean word describing a person or people who really wants to make a fantastic and unrealistic image of him/her, ignoring their real personality which is mostly shitty
There isn't really an example for baepsae
by BTS4ever June 5, 2017
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