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When two people should get into a real relationship but are afraid of falling, these people are so close and could get through any shit life/haters throw at them. If you are in a baelationship you should stop messing around and become official because secretly both baes want more from there unofficial relationship. You belong together. Go turn that bae into your girl/boyfriend . Dont be afraid! best of luck baes! Love to y'all
Boy:We should end this baelationship and become official

Girl: I thought you'd never ask babe 😘
by Sofiexxx May 27, 2016
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When two are causally talking. The step before making the things official as boyfriend&girlfriend. The title between to "Baes"
Rjay and Nahj Baelationship is just the cutest.😍
by Jizzme47 July 22, 2014
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