Baltazar IS the definition of a turbo incel that fantasizes about fucking his anime waifus. Baltazar's twitter feed only consists of underage anime girls that he dreams about fucking one day, sadly that day will never arrive. Baltazar is also one of the worst gamers out there. The exact opposite of TobiTheG4m3r who is a HARDCORE GAMER. As a result of being a horrible gamer no one really wants to play anything with him so he resorts to playing singleplayer virgincore incel games only. An example of a singleplayer virgincore incel game is Genshin impact. Baltazar has spent a lot of dough on Genshin impact along with his anime figurines that he uses when jacking off. Lastly Baddie Baltazar had a instagram fan account but sadly it got taken down by the opps.
Random person: AYO who fucked this underage anime girl???
Baddie Baltazar: Uhm.. I-I did. B-but she said she was 13 a-and thats above the age of consent in Japan! *proud*
by BigBoyDaCool May 25, 2023
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