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An unusually short and fetching dark-haired young vixen (not unlike a mini Wonder Woman) who possesses an otherworldy/unparalleled gleam within her bright, mischievous, ultimately evil eyes. But her heart is as sparklingly pure and ambitious as it is shaded with desire for the other, darker side, which is unquestionably more than meets the casual eye, which is exceedingly unconventional and certainly tasty, but the sneaky bitch does have quite a tendency to f'n cheat at minature golf. She also has hickeys, adorable teenage-like feet, and a pimp. Bad Sparkle.
Bad Sparkle: "I have killer eyes. And I WILL use them. I also fear scarves. And I'm going to be an attorney. I'm dominant. GET OUT OF MY WAY."
by Neralich the ANTI-HERO September 21, 2009
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