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Game slang used by the more obnoxious, sheep-like players of the MMORPG: World of Warcraft, to describe people who aren't good at World of Warcraft.
(or who are good at it, but aren't cared for by the fuck sticks who find this kinda shit cool)

Alternative is "Terribad". Born from a mindblowing supernova of creativity and wit, combining the words "terrible" and "bad" to form a word so socially impaired and embarrassing, that it borders on self parody.

Used by the biggest losers, kids, forum trolls and mouth breathers of the WoW community, possibly to differentiate themselves from any intelligent players instinctively, to attract the only people capable of tolerating such idiots. Other Assholes.

If someone calls you a bad, it's not because you're actually bad at the game. It just means you pissed off a childless, witless, retarded jackhole who plays WoW.
"lol ur mad ur a bad olololol"

- Actual statement by a real WoW player, a grown man.

Bad (Noun)
by Lig Na Baste March 11, 2009
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