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Clout: hype

Bad clout: bad hype
Bad clout means getting the wrong kind of attention
Jim: did you hear Anna cheated on Chris???
Holly: omg!!! No way!
Him: ya she’s getting a ton of bad clout rn
by QQQNNNVBB March 01, 2018
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logan stein. a little boy from guilderland, new york. logan loves to do all the drugs in the dictionary. he will hit you up anytime with blunts that look like they were made from the dollar store. logan guilt-trips everyone into being friends wit him because he says he’s broke. logan is not broke. logan is rich. everyone knows logan because we’ve all been played by him. he has about .5 friends.
person 1: “nobody will ever have as much clout as logan stein!”

person 2: “yeah he’s got that bad clout tho so it doesn’t count”
by guilderslut January 23, 2018
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