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For children from the ages 5-17, or anyone who wouldn't like to look immature on Facebook by using curse words, Bad Ask is a way to say Bad Ass politely and so that no one will pass judgement upon your immaturity. Often used to dodge angry parents or teachers at school. Any adjective may be inserted in place of Bad, such as Dumb, Amazing, Bruised, or Sore. Pretty much, this word can be placed anywhere the word ASS would be placed and you can get away with saying it anywhere, anytime. Even in Church.
I'm such a dumb ask, this chick with an absolutely mind-blowing ask was talking to me last night and she offered to let me ram her sexy ask. But I was so drunk offa my fat, white ask that I let it slide out from underneath me! But. I still am a bad ask, check out this hickey I gave myself this morning!
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