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Baconium (Atomic Symbol Bc) - The fundamental atom that is the foundation for what we know as Bacon. This element can be used for a variety of chemical compounds and industrial applications; however,the word is most common associated with food dish containing bacon.
A plain cheeseburger could be turned "baconic" with the simple addition of bacon.
Sodium Baconic Oxide (NaBc2) can be used as a bacon flavored alternative to help with heartburn.
Cubic Baconic (Chemical Symbol BcSiO4) is man ring made from Baconium that smells like bacon.
Baconic Nitrate (Chemical Symbol Bc4O3) is a fertilizer similar to Ammonium Nitrate.

Greg: "Miss, would please add some apple smoked bacon to my grilled chicken salad?"
Chrissy: "How is your salad?"
Greg: "Completely baconic!"
by glogue34 May 07, 2013
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