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"Bacon ex machina" is a spoofed literary device when a predicament or main conflict is disabled or saved by bacon, hence the name. Although the literal derivation, "Deus ex machina", is a negatively denotative device, "Bacon ex machina" is opinionated, according to the viewer's interest in said bacon. "Bacon ex machina" can be utilized in novels, article documents, and/or any textual information involving a situation. "Bacon ex machina" is not classified as an inter-social meme, although it consolidates a humorous value.
Person A: "Ugh, I'm starved. I could eat anything."
Person B: "Hey, look on the bright side, A. We have bacon to save us!"
Person C: "No day is a great day without a side of bacon ex machina."
by Ninja of Logic August 22, 2014
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