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Created in a lab by combining everything that is good in the world it is a waffle with bacon inside, yes inside of it. It has come to reside at Leroy's in Anchorage, Alaska and is known to be the best breakfast after a late night out. It is impossible not to smile while taking you first bite, not even the great Chuck Norris could resist. It is the colsest one can come to being in Heaven without actually being there. Once one has been eaten there's no turning back as they are more addictive than meth. It is not uncommon for groups of people to form clans or packs and travel to LeRoy's as often as possible. However if a member goes judas (see defiition for Judas) then they can be kicked out if 2 or more members decide they are unworthy. Once kicked out the only way back in is to buy everybody a bacon waffle and hope they are re-instated. As a warning, do not eat one unless you are ready to find all other foods somewhat lacking in taste after consuming your first. But as any veteran bacon-waffler will tell you, it is well worth it.
"How'd you end up in jail?"
"I held up a bank so I could afford more bacon waffles."
"Good man"

"After eating my first bacon waffle I felt as if I was hovering off the ground."
by Haon11 August 28, 2011
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