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Often known as Kilpatrick Filattio, but can be any kind of sex involving bacon wrapped around and/or stuffed inside appendages or orifices
S.C.: How 'bout it then?
S.K.: Mind if we try Bacon Sex?
S.C.: Of course not, sex is the second best use for Bacon
by Nachington November 21, 2010
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The act of either consuming bacon in a slightly homoerotic manner, the use of bacon during foreplay, or coupulating between human and swine. It is also rumored that this word was spawned during a closing shift at McDonald's.
I was channel surfing the other night, and I came across baconsex porn involving Donald Knotts and Hal Sparks.
by idbeholda October 10, 2006
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When students from online schools meet together at a public function (ex. a dance or a party) for an orgy-fest or related debauchery. One or more members from said group bring bacon to the occasion.
Lizzie: Hey lets meet up at the dance for some bacon sex!
Alex: I'm in!
Nica: I'll bring the bacon!
by immatotalBAB September 22, 2011
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