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The very best kind of buttsecks: out in the open, scarin' all the neighbors.

(This actually references a character's NAME in the Japanese manga-based novel Death Note: Another Note. Although there wasn't much buzz about the name in Japan, the manga nerds of the US were laughing their...well, asses off.)
A. Signs you've been backyard bottomslashing:

1) You and your lover always have unexplainable all-over tans.

2) Your neighbors keep threatening to have you taken away for public indecency.

3) So do all those bastards at the pool.

4) So does your little sister.

5) You can't read the Death Note novel without getting turned on.

6) You know exactly how hard it is to try to get a grass stain off of your knees, chest, AND back...all in the same day.

7) And of course, it always helps if you're gay.

B. Nerd One: "Dude, I tried to read Another Note but I couldn't stop laughing at the buttsexx0r name!"

Nerd Two: "I know. I started an online fanbase for it, Backyard Bottomslashers Anonymous."
by Cursed-blessings September 25, 2009
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