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When you do a girl anal and you get that shit thats green on your dick and you cockslap her in the face with it.
Guy1:I grass stained my girl last night
Guy1:I broke up with her afterwards
Guy1:she liked it.
by diarrheaman April 12, 2011
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After having sex with a girl with ghonnorrea, she leaves green marks on ur bed, or other place of sexual ironing board
Shit girl, u left grass stains on my ironing board...
by Pep Sabadman August 19, 2008
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1. The level above a pot head or stoner. One who smokes unhuman, almost extraterrestrial amounts of marijuana.

2. A way to explain one's state of mind when extremely high.
1. Yo Fred you're a straight up grass stain.

2. I'm so grass stained right now I feel like I have to mow my hair.
by C-Noe April 08, 2009
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