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The product in retail not pushed to a sales-floor and sent to the backroom typically on a vehicle or palletized by block number.

Twas the night before fourth quarter and all through the backroom... (the busiest time in retail, in a backroom, on a sales-floor, when the word BACKSTOCK was created and inundated for the masses, unleashing its unholy vengeance on the retail world and in an annoyed repetitive search for its identity.)

In a sleepy town of Port Huron at a sleepy little store, the store where all team members wear red shirts( no more hints) the word Backstock (used as a verb and a noun) swelled into existence. It wraps its head and arms around the fact that it floats when whispered and or chanted into the air like a flying mosquito waiting to rest in the ears of the annoyed.

Those thin skinned people refer to the word as being uttered like "its only stock and store" (referring to the large monster behind it, a mental case to most, a writer of the bizarre and dark to his fans). Mobs have been formed, lynches have been attempted but the word BACKSTOCK prevailed.

The following synonyms are accepted when referring to BACKSTOCK. They are: NOM-NOM & REVERSE STASH
Have you finished backstocking yet?
by JFrankenstocker June 22, 2011
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