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The art of speaking each word backwards while keeping the standard continuity of a sentence. Variations range from changing the sound of the letters or keeping their original sound.
Boy: I Evol Uoy. (Eye eevol ooh-oy)
Girl: What?
Boy: I love you! I said it backwards; it's called 'Backspeak'.
by The Fartman November 14, 2010
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Making fun of a person indirectly for an insecurity directly to their face with literary skills and generally going over thier head with a story about some random comically named person. The story usually parallels the person being made fun of, the more people being in on it the better, or worse if you are said victim. Generally works on the uneducated, potheads, or any mind susceptible to gullibility.
"So what do you do for a living?"
*backspeak*"I care for autistic orphans"
*backspeak* "Yeah, they don't know how to take a hint, it's as if my efforts to get them to stop talking to me are received by autistic ears."
"They're autistic?!"
by Plantibuns June 17, 2018
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