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There are three different meanings for the word 'backcase'

- First it could mean a spine in a suitcase, this is the literal meaning
- The intent of 'backing up' a friend in a fight of some sort
- When your mate thinks they're hard so they cause a fight and then realise they're only talent is running so they ask their friend to have their 'backcase'
Friend 1 - Oh yeah mate, I'm gonna have a fight with _____
Friend 2 - Alright man I got your backcase
Friend 1 - Thanks mate!
by LazyLollipopGumdrops July 13, 2017
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If an issue is your backcase,
1. You don't care even one bit about it
2. You find it so blahhh that you prefer it be discussed in your absence or behind your back
1. They tried to tell me my pants were torn but it was my backcase.
2. You better stop telling me about your ex. You know that's my backcase.
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by theYPa1 September 01, 2018
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