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A small group of awesome individuals. The Back Crew consistes of an equal ratio of men to women whom and are all unique and individual from each other. The Back Crew often take part in scandalous partying (in their own gatherings) and are known for their performing ability. When at a social scene, the Back Crew are always last to enter or the back of the pack meaning they have the most noticable enterance and always stand out. The back crew can be recognised by their various matching bracelets each containting the original peace sign and gangsta caps. You must be selected by all crew mebers to become a part of this crew, only a certain amount of people can join if not selected you may be entitled as "reserve". The official crew list is written on a dog tag which is worn by one of the members. If you are lucky enough to meet this back crew, you are very blessed. They are certainly life changing people and their awesomness is so contagious it sprends off on the people around them causing a domino effect of amazingness.
Sasha: Did you just see those people over there?
Claudia: Yeah, thats the Back Crew. I wish I was a part of that. They are so awesome.
by felicity underwood July 16, 2011
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