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Baby Making Syndrome (BMS) is a sex addiction. Specifically an addiction to unprotected sex within a long term relationship where, having a child would not affect the feelings shared between the couple in the relationship.
Baby Making Syndrome, is especially present when this couple continuously have sex without using any forms of contraceptive. (i.e. Condoms or Birth Control) This is usually found to be present in couples who have been together for several years, and plan on getting married in the foreseeable future.
When the aforementioned couples end up becoming pregnant with a child, they will usually decide to keep the child, and raise it themselves. Usually in the 9 month process of the baby's growth inside the womb, this couple will continuously have just as much sex as they did before, if not more, and are very likely to get pregnant with another child soon after their first one is born.
"Dude. I have Baby Making Syndrome."

"How do you know?"

"K, so, you know how my girl and I just had our first kid?"


"Well... She's pregnant again."

by SK8RFRK February 23, 2011
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