The name of a woman loved by a man in other words he uses it to compliemnt her or a woman in a relationship with a man in this case he natural name for her is this as substitution for her real name.
"Damn babygurl, you looking fresh!"

"Baby gurl, i love you so much im glad were going out"
by Knoledge MasterWoman August 26, 2004
Means jood which is a really cute human being she’s like a model and slays ur whole existence she’s like the prettiest person you’ll ever meet everyone wants to be as pretty and kind as her
Y’all shes my baby gurl you don’t get near her
by Cupcakecute June 4, 2018
A sexy ass girl who is da ish or in other words Taneisha
Yo did you see Baby Gurl yesterday she looked flyer den a mug
by Ta-Ta October 2, 2003
Something a guy calls his girlfriend or uses while flirting with a girl who he has interest in.

Mainly used online or in a text messege.
Guy: hey babi gurl wut r u doin friday night?

Girl: Nothin babi you got anything planned 4 us?
by Jazy♥ December 8, 2010