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When a material possession is so brand new and cool-looking that it it's almost like it's a newborn child; pure.

Things that could be baby fresh:

Facial Hair
Sticky marijuana
Roger: Shit, you see Kenny's new Aston Martin Nikes?
Tom: Yeah, them motherfucker's don't come out til' 2014.
Roger: That shit's baby fresh, jo.

Wanda: Fuck Roger.

Tina: Fuck Roger? I thought you still liked him.
Wanda: Dude looks dirty as hell.
Tina: Girl, he just got a phat ass fade, he's lookin' baby fresh.

Chandler: Yo, this weed better not be fucking huff.
Dealer: Relax, this is Grandfather Purp. It's baby fresh.
by Ricky Slade April 22, 2011
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A word invented by Daniel "Babyfresh" Simcox defined as a combanation of cool gangsta papasniffs and awsome and to have that certain flair inya soul very few people have been defined as "Babyfresh" or have had "Babyfresh" actions
When young Daniel hit the bunny with the clump of dirt his friend said "Damn nigga dat was "Babyfresh"
by Daniel Babyfresh January 04, 2007
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The jist of the word "Babyfresh" basically means you look really good and are cool. the word orignates from pittsburgh pennsylvania and is often used to desribe a person by rating how cool they are. another name for "Babyfresh" is "Papasniffs" which is just another variartion of the word.
That kid Danny was one "Babyfresh" kid
by gabby numings March 27, 2007
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