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This is when every girl you meet calls you "babe". Babe Muffin is basically one step below stud muffin. The reason youre a babe muffin and not a stud muffin is because you have the most adorable/cutest face a girl could imagine BUT youre missing certain requirements to be a stud

1. At least taller than 5 10 but shorter than 6 4
2. You dont spend 3 hours a day at the gym

Sadly missing these 2 requirements will put in FRIEND ZONE LOCKDOWN for the rest of your life unless youre at a party...but even then you could get friend zoned so make sure theyre really wasted before saying hello!
Girl 1: OmG have you met blake?
Girl 2: OmG hes such a babe muffin, has the cutest face like ever
Girl 1: omg i know right lets invite him to a slumber party and well watch the notebook. the notebook just came out on blu-ray so itll be like so much better!
Girl 2: the notebook? even better than before? no fucking way girl, get out!!! okay okay ill do it.
by 100percentBEAST April 01, 2013
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