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1. A high-octane, no hold's bard drinking game which consists of throwing bottle caps into an item of your choice*, most preferably a type of bonnet hat, and giving or taking drinks depending on if your bottle cap gets into the item or not.
- It is also necessary for one of the members of the game to "Zamboni" the caps up after they are extinguished in order to begin the next round.
- Standard bras can also be brought into the game for members to wear on their head, temporarily turning the game into "Brabacups", in which no rules change, except for the fact that members now carry standard bras on their head.
- Also, while the game is in play, the phrase "Babacup" can be used to refer to anything and everything at any time.
- Speaking in Italian/French/Hungarian accents during Babacups is also a common form of play.
(!WARNING!- Babacups is highly addictive and completely insane)

*not to be confused with the standard game "Bottle Caps", which has now become officially lame.
"Hey! Let's a playa some a Babacups!"

"Babacups! take 17 drinks!"

"If I ever hear the word Babacups again, I'm seriously going to kill myself."
by Jorderino February 20, 2008
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