* No such word exist in the English language; officially, it has to be 2 words - "Baby Crow", which basically means a young baby crow.

* A internet alias/nickname, extensively used by me, now known as Shinosuke, for about 7/8 years.

The CaPiTaLiZaTiOn of it makes it look better than just laying it out as 'babycrow', the frenzy of capping words just started out then...

I was a young kid then, compared to everyone online, I was a baby, therefore the word BaBy.

The Crow part, was by chance, I just watched the movie 'The Crow' by Brandon Lee, before I got on the internet. I was inspired by his will, his vengence, and his darkness. I feel like I can feel his despair and hatrate towards the humankind (well, for him it was just the murderers).

Reason for changing nicknames? Shinosuke is an adorable character. He is young, energetic, horny. My idol. Main reason is that people look at the 'Baby' on my nick and will assume I am female. It has finally got to me after so many years.. that I have to choose a new nickname.. Yes, I was the first to have this nick, and it shown be mine forever!!

I just want to leave a part of me on the internet.. since I will soon be 'netless' and dont know when I'll be back.. I want a piece of me to stay behind.
<Shinosuke> yeh, I was known as 'BaByCRoW', kindda cute nick huh..
<Person1> O.. really? Cute? No. Famous? No.
<Shinosuke> yeh.. and so.. I thought it'd be like... cool if I can have my nickname on the urban dictionary.. like.. so that someday.. when i die or something, maybe a piece of me will be left in this world... hmm... deep aye..
<Person1> Eh?! Deep. You're nuts. Urban Dictionary is going to reject such childish shit!
<Shinosuke> Blah! stfu mofo.
by Shinosuke May 11, 2004
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