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Awesome. Fantastic. Nothing better. The ultimate. It is always used at the end of a sentence. Pronounced bah (as in bah humbug or bot) and gong (as in gong). Depending on how great the situation you may even extend the bah part as long as you wish. Many times a ba-gong is done with a point to something.

Ba-gong can also be shared with a friend. One person would lead the ba-gong and the other person jumps in so they can finish together.
Marc -"I found fifty dollars on the street today so I bought two "bottles of Meyers Rum for us, BAAAAAAAAA-"


"So I'm talking to this girl right? And I'm thinking, this isn't going anywhere. Well right when I'm about to give up she's all like, 'I hope you don't think I'm weird but I'd really like it if I could tie you up and sit on your face' BA-GONG!" *points to face*
by Marc Sauve January 01, 2006
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