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Someone trying to make his own in life, only to repeatedly be rejected. A Bweavs tries to publish autobiographies, get amazing job positions, and even start his own business.

Time after time he is rejected due to the fact that he is indeed, a towel. Made of 100% Turkish cotton, he easily collects stains which can be washed out with a good bleach cycle.

Bweavs are known for showing up to places late, wearing aviator sunglasses in an attempt to look badass, and being in complete and utter pathetic denial, that they are towels. We all have a BWeavs in our life.
You: "Bweavs, hop on this match of Call of Duty with us."

BWeavs: "Oh I can't do that, I'm only a towel. Maybe I should just get high."

You: "Dude how did you even drive here then, you don't have hands!"

BWeavs: "I don't know, let me get high first and maybe I'll remember."
by Definitely Not a Towel February 21, 2013
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