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Common nickname of Bryantville, MA. The abbrevation is used because the town is so hood that you dont have time to say the whole word without gettin gettin a gun or two pulled on you . Known for madd brawls with the Mattakesset Boys, puck sluts and general badassness.
Guy number 1: Yeah we got in a fight with some kids from BVille...
Guy number 2: Oh really? Is that why all your friends are now dead and your bitches are bein banged right now
Guy number 1: Yep, those badasses killed my crew and are chillin in my bittie's pissflaps
by swe72788 January 28, 2008
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A small town in Maryland that everyone mistakes as a 'hick' town, when really, it's not 'hick' at all. No one knows where Burtonsville is unless they live there. Burtonsville is the home of the Dutch Market that is flooded with old people from Thursday-Saturday, so don't even try to go in that shopping center. There is a local car show every morning at the Dunkin' Donuts. Nothing happens in Burtonsville. All the kids in Burtonsville have to go to Columbia or Rockville or Bethesda to find stuff to do.
Kid 1: Hey, where do you live?
Kid 2: B-ville, hahaha, represent!
Kid 1: B-ville?
Kid 2: Yeah, Burtonsville... you know, by Spencerville?
by Sami with an I June 02, 2005
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The home of the bammas that live up in Burtonsville Maryland. Usually used as a joke for how not ghetto Butronsville is
Yo, where we rollin thru tonight, i heard b-ville gettin crunk
by To Double April 06, 2005
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The place to go if you want to buy pot from a 13 year old. The place to go if you want to see depressed kids everywhere you go, and freeze your ass off in the winter. Don’t come to Bville, it sucks. Go to like Central America.
Man I wish I was dead, Bville sucks ass.
by Saranbal November 14, 2017
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