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A BROschevik is a person, generally within the age range of 18 to 30, who is a self-described Bolshevik or Socialist but without the cajones to actually join a socialist movement or use violence. Broscheviks are apathetic and usually don't vote either, although the Barack Obama campaign did draw them to the polls. Broscheviks can usually be seen skateboarding, wearing Che Guevara t-shirts (which Im sure he would detest), pot smoking, and enjoying counter-culture literature, ballads, and music. Broscheviks can be found in many places although they typically live in developed countries with rich parents however they are not to be confused with the more soft-spoken trustafarians who enjoy the use of trust funds while expressing their usually hippie style viewpoints.. Two hotspots which have many reported broschevik sitings are Boulder, Colorado and Berkeley, CA.
A BROschevik is "that kid" in your economics, political science, or International Affairs class who hates the U.S. and its allies but enjoys the freedoms and always "talks" (key word) about social revolution and taking down the system "man."
by Normal in Boulder, CO May 21, 2010
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