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Slicing Brisket- the act of 3 gay men roll playing 3 parts of a specific homosexual threesome activity. The Strongest Man is on top and plays the roll of "The Butcher" . The Skinniest Man is in the middle and plays the roll of "The Knife" . The Burliest Man is on the bottom and plays the roll of "The Brisket". The act of slicing the brisket is performed when "The Butcher" inserts the entire man playing "The Knife" into the anus of "The Brisket" , tearing the Brisket apart.... Hence the Slicing of The Brisket.
Kevin was out late last night Brisket Slicing with Justin and Tyrone. Tyrone started bleeding from the Brisket Slicing after Justin was stuck inside of him for too long.
by WEBSTA THE Diktionary June 12, 2018
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