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1. covering your dick in nasal mucus and shoving it in a person's(preferably a sluts or a lesbian(s) ) anus, vagina or mouth. then after the bang bang occurs. the penetrator(he(or she)who penetrates) sucks out the mixture of, snot and(depending on what hole they plug)semen, feces, urine, female ejaculate, saliva with whatever he can use( straw, lips, one of those ear wax removers that uses suction, silly straw. etc.), gargles with it, then spits in in their lovers face as a final disgusting finish. Usually used when performer has cold or flu, and no lubricant
Slut - Oh, please do me Adam, i want you're sizzling cinnamon stick inside my honeypot, please fill me up
Sick lover- i can't I'm sick with the cold, besides I have no lubricant to massage your sweet pea into orgasmic bliss
slut- Just cough some phlegm into your hands, slap it on your hairy hard throbber, slide it up my whisker biscuit when your done and slowly start up until you reach the speed of a train. Then when your done, suck it up with a silly straw, then swish it between your teeth then spit on my big heavy chest
sick lover-Fuck yeah! But what is it called?
slut- a booger luber
sick lover- fuck yes
by cockslap#1bitches December 17, 2014
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