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South African in origin.Derived from the South African language of Afrikaans.It combines the two words 'bok'(meaning 'buck' or,more accurately,'Springbok',the national rugby team) and 'jol'(to have a good time,or to party hard)
BOKJOL isn't a regular party,and the term shouldn't be used loosely.It must always be spelt completely with capitals.
The word refers to a gathering where participants 'party their socks off' and generally have the time of their lives.
There are 3 essential ingredients in creating a BOKJOL.
The 1st is a copious amount of alcohol.Cane works best,but any large amount of alcohol will do.The 2nd is music of any kind.The 3rd and most important is the BOKJOL spirit.If the 'BOKJOL spirit' is not present,just add ingredient 1 and it will soon arise.
Combine the 3 and you will have a solid foundation for a good BOKJOL.
The BOKJOL was originally enjoyed exclusively amongst the Afrikaans community,but as South Africa emerges from the shadows of its apartheid past,so too does the BOKJOL.
Justin:This bar is lame.
Richard:You're right!Lets do a couple shots of cane,maybe 1 or 2 creme de whizzo's,and start a proper BOKJOL up in here!
Justin:Thats an awesome idea Richard!Maybe later when you're really drunk I'll take advantage of you and give you kops.
Justin:Oh!Nothing!Lets get drunk!
by markjonesy June 27, 2008
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