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MB: yo gurl, ciara's a man+woman too n his muziq sucks...

OP: yeh well least he/she has the BOBW
by MZQBNI March 15, 2005
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BOBW is short for "Beat off Before Work." It is when a man (or a woman) releases their sexual frustration (usually caused by a micro-coitaldrought from the night before) by clobbering the Kleenex. It is necessary in order to be productive at work and to help stimulate creative thinking. This habit is almost always necessary on Mondays and Thursdays.
"Yo, Chunkers, how was your weekend? You get to see that "P" from the "B" (pussy from the back)?"
"Nah dude, my girl was on the rag all weekend. I needed a good BOBW just to make it through today."
by And-deez-nutz January 25, 2018
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