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A pure shithole centred in Bolton, commonly known as 'horwich'. BL6 is full of skanks, druggies,chavs, more druggies and the infamous 'Horwich youth'. The chavs live up brazley and the skanks live near station park. 'Station'; also known as station park; is were dodgy shit happens and local police raids occur. If anyone ever.... and I mean ever, say the following : ... 'BL6 on the map' 'Gwannin' 'Bumbaclat' or 'Horwich Town' .... simply look the other way avoiding eye contact and walk away at a fast pace (in all honestly they're probably already chasing you or thinking of raping you behind the Leisure Centre)
Horwich Chav : fuck me Laddddd, whats gwannin ??!!
Lost Toursit : Excuse me sir; where am I ??
Horwich Chav : Fuckin BL6 mate, that's wer yer at !!
Lost Tourist : 'Shit, Maria roll up your window we're off!!!
by Shlong00 February 06, 2017
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