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Someone, normally a guy, who thinks no one can beat him in a fight, a gun battle, or any other confrontation.
John tries to warn Mike that no one is invincible these days and to stop starting fights, but he won't listen cuz he's Billybadass.
by Sahale December 21, 2008
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A term given to a person (typically a male) who acts or does something in a "hard-ass", asshole, and/or tough-guy manner. The Billy Badass themselves, of course, do not think they are a "Billy Badass"; the term is usually told to, or directed at, someone in order to poke fun at, or to express contempt for, their prior, recent, or planned excessive or flamboyant actions.
Guy 1: "If this cop gives me any shit, I'm gonna smash his face in".

Guy 2: "Yeah, whatever...Billy Badass".

A little Punk teenager comes strutting into a store like he owns the place.

Store Clerk: "Check out this Billy Badass".
by Bobby Badass October 08, 2008
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A person of the male persuasion who considers themselves to be peticularly hard or who thinks they are a thug. In most cases those fitting this definition are merely insecure about the less than spectacular size of their wang.
Calm down Billy badass. Do you think your Billy badass?
by Jario Florez March 10, 2005
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A guy who thinks that he is particularly harass or bad, but he is actually a joke. A real doucher.
Guy1: I'll mess you up!!
Guy2: Whatever, billy badass..
by veronicalovin August 28, 2009
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one who is known as a great fighter. intimidates others with his mere presence. usually employed as a doorman, security guard or body guard. 500 pound gorillas carrying badges have commonly been mistaken for a billy bad ass.
"Don't dare mess with Motu. He's a billy bad ass!"
by Albert Einstein1 May 03, 2006
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One who always dodges rocks. L.G.A. One who drives a black mustang convertible with white stripes and black bullitt wheels with a chrome lip. One who hates treacherous girls and hot boys.
There goes Louis being billy bad ass; he did a burn out in front of the police while smoking weed.

by Kevin peter May 21, 2008
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1) Telling the cops when getting arrested “Whoa buddy, you aren’t coming home with me”
2) The Biggest badass there is
3) Being able to take ungodly amounts of alcohol and live to tell about it
4) An ace at beer pong
5) Makes Chuck Norris shiver at the sound of this name
6) Having a problem with finishing a beer put the Billy Badass Symbol in the air. With the sight of the Billy
Badass Symbol, the bad one comes running to save the day and drink all alcohol in the area.
7) Being very quick with comebacks
1) Last night at the party Taylor was such a Billy Badass.
2) I totally Billy Badassed that.
by Blake Michael May 03, 2007
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