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the "BHJ": A sexual act given to someone using the hand; however, using the hand in an upside-down U shape and smacking the head and shaft of the penis, quite unlike the typical jerk off formation of the hand. Thus, the term "bad" hand job arises after a poor misinformed girl performs this act onto a fellow male companion
Megan: I want to give you a hand job.
Todd: OK, jerk me off baby.

Megan proceeds to give a BHJ (bad hand job) to Todd failing to stimulate him
by westmont hockey April 28, 2004
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It should be noted that the Swede, and all people alike did not actually "do" the BHJ when a scored was scored. However, they mimicked the hand motion of the god-awful 'bad hand job'.
The world record for the largest BHJ: March 22, 2003: after scoring the first goal in the Penguin Cup game, the Swede does a full arm, full rotation BHJ from the goal line to our bench.

The world record for the most BHJ's in one place: March 22, 2003, everyone is the god damn arena.
by westmont hockey May 08, 2004
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The "BHJ" is especially loved by the Swede, and most likely all Scandanavian-Americans. Filip Sevedson-Haauka, we will never forget you.
1) After the Swede scores a goal, he does the BHJ!

2) Because of the Swede's obsession, the whole team, coaching staff, fan section, and parent section begins to give salute with the "BHJ"!
by westmont hockey May 07, 2004
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