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Best Friends Forever And Ever Who Care About Each Other

when two people are best friends forever and ever and care for each other, they both worry about the other's happiness. when two bffs worry about each other they are always thinking about the others desires and wishes and would do everything in their capacity to see the other happy and content. It upsets them to see one another upset or sad.
bff1 (greg): heyya chick how are you doing?
bff2 (nancy): im great. you know i really care about you
bff1 (greg): me two, three, four... i care about you to
bff2 (nancy): if i am upsetting you, you'd tell me right?
bff1 (greg): of course, and you would too right?
bff2 (nancy): yeah. and you can tell me if you need some space from me right?
bff1 (greg):yeh, and you wouldn't get upset right?
bff2 (nancy): of course not. we're BFFAEWCAEO and i love you no matter what :) FoShizzle MaNizzle

BFFAEWCAEO have a special understanding b/w each other where they can talk about anything and no judgment just understanding. the BFF love will always be there.
by jukebox1039 July 01, 2010
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