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commonly known as the bo-fong trick, similar to the Eiffel Tower. When performing this trick the guy lays down wraps his arms around the waist of one girl and eats her out. At the same time another girl is riding cowgirl. they then clap their hands together in celebration of this wild accomplishment...strongly intended for Asians.
Devin lies down on a bed in sheer enjoyment of what is about to ensue. Krystal then straddles his penis and starts giving him the best time of his life. Ellehandra then places her sweet spot in Devin's mouth and now Devin's having the time of his life. Krystal and Ellehandra then clap there hands in enjoyment. bo-fucking-fong a.k.a. the "BF-trick"
by fluffy Kat bo jingle March 29, 2009
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