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After it's release on October 20th, the word 'BECT' has taken full circulation. First introduced by the Buffalo Mock Trial team captains, it's been incorporated nationwide by all mock trial teams who desire victory.

At the moment, there word may be used in two different forms. It may be used as a verb (note that when using 'BECT' as a verb, it must be in a sentence that praises Buffalo Mock Trial; see example below) or a noun.

When used as a verb, BECT means to be awesome and win (that's why it's only allowed to be used with Buffalo Mock Trial).

On the other hand, when acting as a noun BECT represents an acronym for successfully portraying a mock trial witness. The elements it includes include, but is not limited to, the following: believability, evasiveness, credibility, and trustworthiness.

Please note that the word BECT must be written with capital letters only. No exceptions.

The reason behind this is that we respect acronyms; we love them. We realize that writing out period after period can be tedious, so with the modern invention of the 'Caps Lock' button on your computer we feel as if it's a sign of respect to use it when using BECT.

However, if you are feeling extra respectful today please don't hesitate to use the periods.
Example One:

Man, I wish I was as BECT as Buffalo Mock Trial.

Example Two:

Witness: Hey man, guess what?

Attorney: What?

Witness: I'm going to use the BECT method in the next trial!

Attorney: Sweet! We'll be like Buffalo and win!
by Hoptkins October 19, 2009
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