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A BBQ Hardass is someone who overly insists on doing the BBQ at any and every party that they go to. A lot of the time BBQ isn't wanted but a BBQ hardass insists on having it, and lots of it. This person is normally the least liked by the group of people hosting the party/function and is often times not even invited to the party at all.

Being a BBQ Hardass normally goes hand in hand with having an extremely annoying fucking personality and/or being overly arrogant.
Lechler: Yeah, I'll bring the chips and drinks.. Is anyone cool with doing a little barbeque?

Josh: Fuck yeah I'll do that BBQ for sure bro. I'll bring the chicken wings, ribs, briscuit, sausage, turkey, and whatever else I think of.

Lechler: Josh you don't need to be a BBQ Hardass, we can't all eat/want all that food, just some ribs or something would be fine.

Josh: Nah bro, we gotta have everything. I'll bring the A1 Sauce and extra bread for some sandwhiches too man. We gotta do this shit real big bro, don't you worry I'll take care of everything.
by Epsilon_Erik February 07, 2010
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