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Once a lavish and beautiful body of land in West Newport Beach, CA that was surrounded by a amazing harbor and bay and a long stretch of gorgeous Southern California beach. Now a run down and dilapidated stretch of land that is being overrun with White Trash summer renters, and dirty Mexicans who scavenge through the trash looking for recyclables and identities to steal. Also now home to young men between the ages of 21-40 who are near bankrupt, but pretend to have a high-paying corporate jobs and tons of money. These young degenerates spend most of their time consuming mass quantities of alcohol and bunk drugs in order to drown out the reality of their true existence and insecurities. These men also prey on young sluts between the ages of 16-25 who claim to have jobs and live in Laguna, but actually they are Meth heads from the Inland Empire who have migrated to this wasteland knowing that if they spread their legs and open their mouths wide enough they will be able to take up residency in one of the many rundown houses that are being leased by some broke-ass punk (young men described above), and then sub-leased to at least 6 other male companions. These ghetto-ass whores will become the house slut and will fuck all of the male occupants in order to live rent free and live solely on a high-protein diet consisting of STD laden semen. This slut will also partake of the consuming of cheap alcohol and drugs and will pretend to go to a job in the morning, but can be found in the back alley or Circle K parking lot rummaging through her 1999 red Honda Civic that hasn't been washed since it's construction and has silver duct tape holding on the front and rear bumpers. Also a place where she stores the entire inventory of her personal belongings, wardrobe, and small amount of hygienic items. She will get dressed and deodorize herself in this vehicle before proceeding to her pimps house where she will pick up a list of clients that she must travel to and service for the day.

Balboa Peninsula, now a haven for worthless human vile, is now surrounded by murky, foul-smelling ocean water that has been polluted by the current residents and seasonal tourists who continually dump tainted and hazardous materials down the storm drains and often use the surrounding waters as an outdoor toilet.

Basically a place for family fun.
When Spencer told his parents he was now a corporate investor and had just purchased a 2000 Mercedes s600 and was now living in a plush house on the beach, they knew he really meant Balboa Peninsula.
by NAYSTCB July 15, 2008
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