she is BABETASTIC - deliciously filled will personality and flair! Love her or leave her - she will survive! She has much to desire and you won't find Babette ever alone. Don't mess with her ... she will hand your head to you on a silver platter - much like the royalty that she is. Uninhibited friend & lover.
I wish I could have my own Babette!
When I grow up I want to be like Babette.
Babette has many friends, but her best friend is her husband.
by BaButterfly February 5, 2010
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A girl who dreams of life's simple treasures - love, happiness, fulfillment. While she may struggle with each, she nonetheless works hard to achieve them all.
Babette is a strange girl.
by itsbabette February 5, 2010
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BABETTE. she is the baddest bitch u will ever meet. she’s got a spunky personality and she won’t get out of your head no matter how hard how you try. She’s thick as fuck depending on the girl she’s got a decent rack. You can find a babette at the local strip club usually saying “suck my cock”, “your an asshole”, “eat my ass”, “fucking cunt”, or any of those words, drunk off fireball shots. Babette switches hair colors from blond to red to black, but def pops out in deep red. A dancer at heart, her moves will seduce u, so watch it boys. She sparkles at anytime and anyplace. If u mess with her, she’ll cut ur head off and put it on a silver platter. She’s so straightforward and will tell u how it is and that’s one of her best qualities. Babette is the sweetest ever and will become friends w u so fast. Love her and keep her forever. U will be lucky to find a b:)
Guy: Damn, that ass fat, that’s definitely a Babette ;)

Girl: Ya. She’s the best girly ever!
by yesimthatbitch4369 January 23, 2019
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a good name for a friend

gotta have that hard b tho

pronounce BAbette
hey babette nice hat

no locker for you babette
by cats_in_my_attic May 17, 2022
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