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Bat - Any of numerous flying mammals of the order Chiroptera, having modified forelimbs that serve as wings and are covered with a membranous skin extending to the hind limbs.

Bats - The first mammal in New Zealand before it was colonized.

BAATS - The reaction of some to finding out this odd fact.

BAAATS! - What one says when having nothing to say, or to simply annoy people. Unfortunately now spreading across facebook.
Dude - "Know what I think?"
Chick - "That my purse contains a wormhole?!"
Dude - "BAAATS!"
Chick - "OMFG I HATE YOU!!"

Person 1 - "Hey man what's up?"
Person 2 - "BAAAATS!"
by EmNikon January 31, 2011
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